What to Feed An Akita

by admin on September 8, 2010

When you take your puppy from the breeder discuss with him/her what kind of diet you should provide for the dog. To begin with you will start to feed your puppy the same food as the breeder has been using. A sudden change in diet is not advisable as this can cause digestive problems.

An Akita puppy is very cute and you will be tempted to give it treats, you need to keep this to a minimum. Use treats later when you reach the training stage. Treats have their place, mainly for training but they have little nutritional value and should be kept to a minimum for puppies.

What to feed an Akita is a question that often comes up with new Akita owners and owners all have their own ideas about what’s the best diet for an Akita. Avoid the cheap supermarket dog foods, you know the type, “12 cans for a dollar” these are full of absolute crap and are definitely not suitable for an Akita. If you go down this route expect health problems and behaviour issues to arise.

The best diet for an Akita is fresh food. Fresh fish and chicken, Akitas especially love fresh fish. Make the Akita’s food separately; fish, chicken and vegetables with some quality dried food will keep your Akita healthy and happy.

We are all responsive to our diets. If we eat rubbish then we will not be assimilating the essential nutrients we need to function. This will lead to health issues and feelings of lethargy and irritability. It’s the same with your Akita. You really can’t afford to use this dog like it is some mobile dustbin that you can tip your left overs into.

If you don’t think you have the time to make the Akita a fresh decent dinner once a day or you can’t afford it, then the Akita is not for you and you should think about getting another dog.

What to feed an Akita is a fundamental question and you are right to ask it before taking the plunge and getting an Akita. The dog thrives on fresh foods specifically prepared for it. It will not do well on left overs tipped into its dish and it will decline on supermarket trash dog food.

Akitas take some looking after; they demand time and effort from you. If you don’t think you can be bothered making a dinner for your Akita every evening for years then consider getting a less demanding dog.

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Michael May 29, 2011 at 10:13 pm

First you need to establish the age of the dog. I would recommend a visit to a vet’s.

Heather May 5, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I have an Akita puppy and i think the person who sold her to me lied about her age. I know she is somewhere between 4-8 weeks. I cannot get her to eat solid foods. I have only tried giving her one kind of dog food and it is called blue buffalo or something like that. What would you recommend i do?
Thank you.

claire April 15, 2011 at 11:41 pm

i have two of these beautiful dogs treat them right and they are one of the most top breads. i have recently changed my dogs on to green tripe and wont change back ( they go mad when they smell it) you can get this from your local pet shop frozen leave to defrost and boil it up for a bit. make sure you give it good choppin up just mix with there mixer

Michael December 1, 2010 at 11:23 pm

Hi Daniel, sorry for the delay answering but I’ve been having some serious internet issues for over a week now, finally found the problem. It’s good question . The trouble is it’s virtually impossible to answer. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, doing some research and the reason it’s impossible to answer is because it depends what’s in the can. First definetly avoid the cheap supermarket dog food. These are full of fat and chemicals, it will be as appertising to the pup as a two day old cold curry would appeal to us. I don’t know of a brand I would recommend. The reason is that even decent quality canned dog food is not made for any specific breed, it’s meant to be all things to all dogs despite the fact that different breeds require different nutrients in different quantities. My own preference would be to open a can of good tuna.
The Akita’s ancestors were bred on fish and fresh meat; this is what it’s digestive system has been evolved to digest, giving it canned food is not a good idea unless you can find a can specific for the breed, but even that will contain chemicals of some kind. Preservatives for example are in all canned foods plus a lot more that we don’t know about. Dried foods are good for the breed and many owners use dried food to supplement the dog’s diet.
My own preference is to cook the dog good decent food, fish and quality meat, I know this might sound expensive but weigh this up with the cost of vets bills caused by poor diet and it’s cost effective. I’ve always fed my dogs fresh food, I know with a busy lifestyle this is can be difficult and canned food can look like a good option. Personally I’d go for dried food rather than canned. My own belief and belief is that Akita puppies fare well on a good whole food diet of raw meat and some good quality dried food. Here’s a site I’ve discovered that you can use to rate dog food. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/

daniel short November 22, 2010 at 6:28 pm

What is the best tinned/canned puppy food for a big chunky Akita pup at 11 weeks old?

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