Getting Rid Of Dog Fleas

At some time during your ownership of an Akita or any dog, for that matter, you are going to have to deal with dog flees. The signs are obvious, your dog will start scratching itself or biting itself.  If your dog gets fleas you need to deal with it immediately not only to stop the dog’s distress but to prevent more serious conditions from developing.getting rid of dog fleas

Many dog owners take fleas lightly but they are serious and can lead to serious problems for your dog. Fleas will bite your dog hundreds of times a day. The problems fleas can cause to your dog’s health can become serious so it’s important to deal with the problem fast. Fortunately there are some excellent treatments available today for getting rid of dog fleas.

If your dog is constantly scratching in a certain spot it will cause sores and hair loss, fleas can also infect the dog with other nasty diseases. If you see your dog suddenly start to scratch itself look under its fur for fleas. Adult fleas are easily visible and if you find one then assume it isn’t alone; the dog will soon be overrun with them if you don’t act immediately.

It’s difficult to prevent your dog from getting fleas without some form of ant flea treatment because they are everywhere. If your dog mixes with other dogs the chances of getting dog fleas increases because not every dog owner will treat their dog for fleas.

Getting rid of dog fleas is not a problem these days with the excellent products available.

Bayer K9 Advantix II Blue 6-Month Flea & Tick Drops for Extra Large Dogs, 55+ lbs.Getting Rid Of Dog Fleas

Flea collars are a method to prevent the dog getting fleas and powder is another method, personally I dislike powder because of the mess it leaves. For a big dog like an Akita Advantix is an excellent flea prevention system. Whatever method you use, you need to ensure that the medication you are using contains an adulticide, which kills adult fleas and also and insect growth regulator. An IGR kills the cycle of flea development and prevents them reproducing.

It’s no good just killing the adults, you need to kill the eggs as well or the cycle will just continue.

If you see the signs of dog fleas react straight away. The best method is to treat your dog in the summer months with an ant flea treatment and save it a lot of distress. Advantix is a proven flea treatment that many vets recommend. It’s very effective and not too expensive, certainly nowhere near as expensive as having to take your dog to the vet to be treated for flea induced infections.


Getting rid of dog fleas: Getting rid of dog fleas

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